Have you been ignoring your creative spark? Rescue it.

Our new course: 21 Days to Build a Consistent Visual Journaling Practice is designed to help you rescue your creative soul. You’ll get your supplies together; we’ll provide simple exercises, to help you create fun visuals (in 10 minutes or less) each day as you craft a journal to help you with your busy life.

Here’s what it does for you:

  • Simple daily lessons get you into the habit of creating colorful pages in small blocks of time
  • Boosts your personal creativity by engaging your brain in something different than your normal routine
  • Easy-to-follow exercises help you use your journal in practical ways.

Going through these 21 days of exercises will not only help you build a habit but will also help you craft your own personal visual journal--one that supports you in your daily life.

What you will need for this course:

  • A journal (Any journal will do, but many prefer blank, thicker pages like a sketchbook).
  • A black pen that is easy to write with.
  • Something that creates color. Crayons, markers, colored pencils. Your choice!

We know what sucks the life out of us and what energizes us. This course is designed to help you honor what brings you life, through a simple, daily practice. (Why not sign up now, before your radiant creative spark requires a crash cart?)

This course is closed for enrollment.